A conversation about fear, power and passwordsListen now (19 min) | Featuring Dennis Galletta (Professor of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh) and Greg Moody, Ph.D. (Associate…
A conversation about how Chinese companies move up the global value chainListen now (15 min) | Featuring Peter Williamson: Honorary Professor of International Management, Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of…
Research shows that ignoring the negative effects of information overload can lead to terrible outcomes, especially as decisions fail to correct a…
A new model explains how Chinese companies catch up to and even surpass their Western competitors and the markets in which they are more likely to excel
Senior leaders who link company success to themselves may be sowing the seeds of their own future dismissal
An Atlantic Council paper provides a clear and practical framework for leaders to move beyond platitudes into the hard ethical challenges AI is creating
Research on consumer credit scoring using online profiling highlights the dramatic impact that our online markers may have in the near future
A conversation about AI ethics: moving from aspirations to specificsListen now | Featuring Steven Tiell (Sr. Principal, Responsible Innovation and Data Ethics at Accenture and nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic…
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