Human Resources and Work

Research on Human Resources, Work, and DEI

Years of research conclude that even if your organization doesn’t have a “blinding” policy for hiring (and other people evaluations), you should do it…
A first-of-its-kind study measures performance and turnover of boomerang employees compared to internal and external hires
The workspace has always been a mirror of our conception of capitalism, and the pandemic may force capitalism to evolve yet again
Novel research begins to look at how late-career employees see themselves and their abilities at work — an important topic as more older workers remain…
The pandemic did not create burnout, but new research shows that it made an already bad problem worse — a condition that will continue even after the…
New research concludes that working from home during the COVID-19 crisis lowered productivity, as people put in longer hours just to keep up with past…
New research on the U.S. private sector confirms that the Nation's journey to an equitable workplace still has a long way to go
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